What Are Swarovski Hotfix Crystals?

Swarovski Crystals are considered one of the highest quality and finest man made types of crystals in the world. Manufactured in Austria, these crystals are machine cut and polished to the highest standards of quality. Each Swarovski crystal is made using a unique production process and superior materials. They are colored using special chemical processes and can feature a variety of special coatings and finishes in order to achieve nearly any coloring or look. Swarovski hotfix crystals are a special type of Swarovski rhinestones that are manufactured with a flatback and that use a special type of glue backing, which can secure the Swarovski hotfix crystal onto a variety of surfaces.

At Do My Shoes STL, we use 100% Swarovski hotfix crystals and flatback crystals for all of the strassing projects that we complete. By using only the highest quality crystals available, we are able to produce finished projects that offer the best bling and sparkle. To learn more about why we only use Swarovski hotfix crystals and flatback crystals or for additional information about our shoe strassing services, contact Kimberly at 314-603-6488 or complete our online contact form.

What Makes Swarovski Hotfix Crystals Special?

Rhinestones are often called the poor woman’s crystal as, unlike true lead crystals, these are cheaply manufactured and quickly produced using low quality materials. Most rhinestones are made of either acrylic or glass. Because of this, they do not produce the high shine and sparkle that true crystals can create.

Swarovski Hotfix Crystals | Strassing Shoes with RhinestonesHigher quality crystals are those that are made from a special type of glass containing lead, called lead oxide. To be classified as a fine crystal, a crystal must contain a minimum of 6-10% lead oxide and to be classified as a fully leaded crystal, the minimum lead oxide content must be at least 24%. The higher the percentage of lead oxide that a crystal contains, the more it will sparkle and shine. Swarovski hotfix crystals contain 32% lead oxide and are made using only the finest materials according to the unique formula and process discovered by Daniel Swarovski in the late 1800’s. Because of this, each machine cut and polished Swarovski hotfix crystals gives off more sparkle and bling than other crystals available on the market.

In addition to this difference in composition, Swarovski hotfix crystals are differentiated from other man made crystals because they are not colored using dyes. Instead, each Swarovski hotfix crystal gets its color by using special chemical coloring processes. Swarovski hotfix crystals can also be coated with one of several popular coatings or effects to create a unique look.

Popular Swarovski Hotfix Crystal Styles & Types

There are many different styles and colors of Swarovski hotfix crystals available. This includes crystals in a variety of shapes including the standard 2028 and the new 2038 Swarovski hotfix crystals as well as special shapes including triangle, rhombus, chessboard circle, eclipse, star, snowflake, and square chessboard shapes.

Swarovski Hotfix Crystals We Use for Shoe Strassing

Additionally, Swarovski hotfix crystals are available in a complete variety of colors and with special coatings and effects. Some popular effects include:

  • Aurora Boreale (AB): a very light rainbow effect
  • Comet Argent Light (CAL): a bright silvery finish
  • Satin (aka Hematite): a somewhat transparent finish that gives an extra sheen to the Swarovski hotfix crystal
  • Aurum: a real 24k gold finish
  • Bermuda Blue: an opaque Swarovski hotfix crystal with deep blue tones
  • Dorado: an opaque bronze finish
  • Heliotrope: an intense purple/green finish toward the center of the Swarovski hotfix crystal that appears dull brown/gray towards the outside of the crystal
  • Glacier Blue: a cobalt blue finish
  • Meridian Blue: a deep Caribbean blue changing to ocean green as angle of light changes
  • Sahara: changing green tones with yellow
  • Tabac: a gold/brown with green
  • Transmission: a Swarovski hotfix crystal with a finish similar to aurora boreale
  • Vitrail Light: an opaque finish that reflects different colors when held at different angles
  • Vitrail Medium: same as above, but with more intensity
  • Volcano: a Swarovski hot fix crystal that appears purple, red , blue and green
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