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At Do My Shoes STL, it is our goal to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their finished product. Therefore, our designers use care and a special attention to detail when strassing each pair of red bottoms or other luxury footwear. We use only premium quality authentic Swarovski flatback crystals to offer the best bling and sparkle for every pair of red bottoms or any strassing project that we complete. Because of this, we have created many satisfied customers.

Red Bottoms: Custom Strassed Shoes & FootwearOur customers’ just love the feeling they get when opening the box to first see their custom strassed red bottoms. They cherish the looks and attention they get when wearing their custom designed footwear the first and every time. In fact, most of our customers love their shoes so much that they just can’t keep it to themselves. Some of the testimonials and praises that we have received from customers whose red bottoms and other luxury footwear we have strassed are provided below.

Please feel free to browse these testimonials to find out why our customers just can’t get enough of our custom designed footwear or learn more about why customers choose Do MY Shoes STL to strass their red bottoms, especially Daffodile Christian Louboutins, on our Why Choose Us Page.

Our Customer Testimonials


I absolutely love my Daff Booties. I wore them on a date I had last night & every time I got out of the car or went into a restaurant or were at any public facility people stopped me to ask me where I got my boots. I told them I bought them at Christian Louboutin website then had DOMYSHOESSTL.COM strass them for me & gave several people your website name & numbers to call.
Thank you again
- Karen T., St. Louis, MO


I got my shoes back a couple weeks ago & was thrilled at the quality of the strass. I haven’t had a chance to wear them they are so pretty I’m almost scared to wear them. But I will eventually. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the way they look. I couldn’t be happier.
- Kim R., Chesterfield, MO


My sweet sixteen was so awesome the theme was glitz & glamour. My shoes stole the show. My mom took a pair of her high heels & sent them to you & when they came back they were gorgeous! You guys added Swarovski crystal stones to my shoes and every girl at my party wanted to know where I got my shoes.
I saw a couple of girls with rhinestones on their shoes but they didn’t bling like mine.
- Tara J., Springfield, MO


DOMYSHOESSTL.COM did my shoes for my big debut as an inspiring artist I know that my image is everything. I sent a pair of boots to them wanting a more glitzy look. They did an awesome job on my boots. They covered them in jet hematite and they shine like new money. Hey DOMYSHOESSTL I’m sending over more shoes. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.
- Erica L., Florissant, MO

Kim and Carlos,

OMG!! I can’t tell you how happy I am with my Very Prives. The crystals sparkle so much you can see them from many yards away. I got so many compliments.
Thank You guys for pimping my shoes. DOMYSHOESSTL is awesome!!
- Kristen H., Ballwin, MO


MY mother and father had you guys do my shoes as an 18th birthday present. I have been wanting them for so long but I finally got them about 3 wks ago. You guys used Tanzanite AB stones on my purple suede Steve Maddens. My friends are so jealous I hate to tell them where I got my shoes because I don’t want them to have theirs done. I want to be the only one of my friends with shoes like you guys did for me.
- Tiffany L., Chesterfield, MO


I am a female impersonator and I love my bling. I found your website that takes your old shoes and blings them out with Swarovski crystals. So I sent you a pair mind you I wear a woman size 12.You guys added Swarovski 24K gold aurum crystals to my shoes. It’s great you guys have an installment plan now everybody can be the queen of bling.
Love my shoes…
Thank You
- Jazelle S., Las Vegas, NV


 I found that your website was so unique when I saw that you apply 100% Swarovski crystals to shoes. I sent you a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti green stilettos to be strassed and you guys added over 6,000 Swarovski crystals in fern green and crystal AB’s and fierce is what you call them. It’s amazing how you guys did my shoes they were very neat and the quality is impeccable.
- Trisha M., ON


You guys did my 4 yr old daughters head band that she wore in her first pageant where she won but the headband was the topic for discussion that day for everyone it seemed so Thank You guys all I can say is ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!
- Suzanne P., Chesterfield, MO


I got my shoes today OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!!!
Thank Yall so much I can’t wait to show them off to my friends
- Jennifer K., Dubuque, IA

Kim & Los at Do My Shoes St Louis

I can’t tell you how excited I was to get my new Declics and show them off.
People stop me everywhere I go and ask where I got my shoes I repeat DOMYSHOESSTL.COM so many times I get tired of saying it LOL!!!
I should just wear a t-shirt that says DOMYSHOESSTL.COM strassed my shoes!!
- Peggy D., St. Louis, MO

Kim & Carlos,

I have tons of shoes that I wanted to get rid of my BFF told me about your website and I decided to try a pair. WOW!!!! All I can say... You guys used Swarovski crystals not those cheap rhinestones. In the sun light or in a night club they sparkle like flashing cameras. DOMYSHOESSTL rocks!!
- Linda S., Jefferson City, MO

Carlos and Kim at

My wedding day was June 16th 2012. As a gift to me my mother had your service crystallize my shoes we sent you an old pair of Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160mm the color was grey suede and you added over 8500 Swarovski crystals in rows of AB I must say they are the most beautiful shoes I have ever owned. With the effects of the AB I had my something blue & something old and something new.
- Alyssa Y., Ladue, MO

You guys did my 6 year old twin girls ballerina shoes in Swarovski gold aurum and they were in their 3rd pageant 1 week ago and wore their new stressed ballerina shoes. They won and so many people kept asking where I got their shoes. They are adorable & I’m sure after they out grow them I won’t have any problem reselling them.
Thank You so much for the excellent job you did. It was money well spent.
- Rose & Violet B., St. Louis, MO,

I just wanted to say I love my new Daffodile pumps I’m sorry you had to correct the work I had attempted and made a mess of. I’m just so glad I found your website and that you could fix my Daffodile pumps. I love the Swarovski heliotop crystals you chose for my shoes.
Thanks again... Great Work...
- Crystal B., Frontenac, MO


I just wanted to tell you guys I was very reluctant to send my shoes to domyshoesstl to be stressed. I tried another service on line that does shoes similar to your service and I went with them originally because they were about 25% cheaper. I thought I could save a few hundred dollars. Well as the saying goes… YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! I was not happy with the shoes the other service stressed for me. The glue they used was clear but you could still see it up close and the crystals they used didn’t sparkle like the ones you used on my shoes. And now I know the difference in 25% savings is not worth it...I will spend the extra 25% any day and not have the glue all over and the real Swarovski crystals instead of Preciosa & Swarovski mix. Nothing sparkles like Swarovski crystals. There is just no comparison.
Thank You... I will share your name with everyone I know.
- Linda K., Pittsburgh, PA

Kim and Carlos,

My girlfriend was thinking of ways to make my sneakers stand out among my fellow rap partners. She sent a pair of my white sneakers to your service and you added crystals to the swoosh, the top, the front & back. My shoe game went up instantly. I feel more confident when I step out on a stage & people notice my kicks.
This was a hot remix
- Truth, Atlanta, GA


 Thank You The Comet Argent Light on my chucks are so fly all my friends want a pair like mine.
Thank You guys for pimping my shoes.
- Jayden C., Blackjack, MO


You guys did a pair of daffodil 140mm for me in vitrail medium actually they were for my mother and I gave them to her on her 50th birthday and she was almost scared to take them out of the box. She then turned to me and asked do people actually wear these or are they just for display. She put them on to see how they looked then she looked at me & said I’ve never seen any shoes like this. I didn’t know they made shoes like this to wear… I thought they were just for display in a store window.
- Kathy A., Florissant, MO


WOW!!! The shoes I had your service do for my wife are breathtaking. When she walks into a restaurant or public place many people stare, point and some actually ask her where she got her shoes. My wife just loves them. I don’t know if she loves me or her shoes more. I’m beginning to wonder.LOL!!
Thank you guys so much they are absolutely breathtaking.
- Tim Z., Huntleigh, MO

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