How It Works:
Handmade Strass Christian Louboutins & Designer Shoes for Less

If you would like us to get started adding real Swarovski crystals to your new pair of Christian Louboutins or your favorite luxury footwear contact us today! We love to talk with clients about custom designing footwear and Christian Louboutins. Call Kimberly at (314) 603-6488 or send us an email today learn more about pricing and custom strass design options for your shoes.

Our Design & Strassing Process for Christian Louboutins & Designer Footwear

1) Provide Information About the Footwear you Would Like Strassed

In order to ensure your total satisfaction with your shoes, the first step when you contact us to learn about adding Swarovski crystals to your designer footwear is that we will ask you a few simple questions. These will help us learn more about your shoes and the type of work you would like done. Questions include:

  • What BRAND of footwear will we be working on for you? Brands with which we commonly work include Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, Brian Atwood, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianmarco Lorenzi, etc.
  • What STYLE of footwear will we be working on for you? Commonly strassed styles include: Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160mm, Daffy, Daffodile 140mm, Daff booty, Very Prive, Very Mix, etc. If you are unsure of the style of your Christian Louboutins or other footwear, you can email or text us a picture of your footwear and we can determine what style it is.
  • What COLOR is your footwear? The base color of the footwear is important in helping us determine which color Swarovski stones we recommend for your custom creation. These strass recommendations are for your consideration only, and we can, of course, work with any color or design you prefer. If you want to change the base color of your Christian Louboutins or other footwear on which we will be working, we can do that too!
  • What MATERIAL is the footwear made of? The type of material from which the shoe is made is important because this will help us determine whether or not the shoe is suitable for strassing. We cannot work with materials such as exotics, snakeskin, calf hair, or horsehair.

2) Determine Pricing & Payment Terms for your Shoe Strassing Service

Christian Louboutins | Custom Footwear StrassingAfter your consultation with our professional shoe designer, we will provide a price quote for the total cost of your footwear strassing service. Pricing is based on the color of stones you select, the number of Swarovski rhinestone crystals required to complete your shoes, and any other additional services you choose. We require a 50% deposit on your order before work begins. Learn more about our Pricing on our Prices page.

Having trouble with the deposit? We finance! Do My Shoes STL is one of the only custom shoe strassing companies in the industry able to offer financing for designer footwear and Christian Louboutin strassing. Contact Kimberly to learn more about our financing terms. We also accept all major credit/debit cards and paypal and we gladly accept personal checks.

3) Ship Us Your Christian Louboutins or Designer Footwear to be Strassed

After your initial 50% deposit requirement has been met, you will ship us your footwear. Our full-time and part-time designers will then get to work adding the Swarovski crystals to your Christian Louboutins or other designer footwear by hand. This process typically takes us around 2 weeks to complete.

4) Get Your New Swarovski Crystal Shoes!

Strassing for Christian Louboutins using Swarovski CrystalsWhen your custom designed footwear has been completed, and any outstanding balances have been paid, it is time for you to get your shoes! We will notify you that your footwear is ready and will ship your Christian Louboutins or other luxury footwear to you via insured, certified, USPS 2-3 day express mail. We pay for this return shipping. For customers in the St. Louis area, we can often deliver you your shoes directly to you upon completion. After your shoes are finished, we will also add pictures and videos to our website of your completed custom luxury footwear. We will never use names or disclose any personal information on our website.

Contact us at Do My Shoes STL today to have us get started customizing and adding Swarovski crystals to your Christian Louboutins or other luxury footwear!

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