We only use 100%
        Swarovski Crystal
for the ultimate bling and quality
Christian Louboutin Daffodile Aurora Boreale Strass
Christian Louboutin Daffodile Gold Rimmed Crystal Strass
Fuchsia Wedge Swarovski Crystal Strass
Christian Louboutin Daffodile Jet Hematite Strass

Strassing Shoes, Apparel, & Accessories Using 100% Swarovski Crystals

Do you love those $6800 Swarovski crystal red bottoms that Beyonce and Rhianna are rockin? Wish you could have your own, but you just can’t afford the price? We can make your dreams a reality!

For most of us, $6800 red bottoms are simply out of reach. However, with Do My Shoes STL, now you too can own your own pair of this luxury footwear. Contact us at 314-603-6488 to learn more or to place an order for your custom shoe strassing!

What is Strassing Shoes?

Strassing Shoes Using Swarovski Crystals | Christian Louboutin Red BottomsStrassing shoes is a complicated process that involves gluing around 6,000 to 10,000 individual crystals on to a shoe’s surface. This process is extremely labor intensive, and strassing a pair of shoes typically takes anywhere from 30 to 85 hours of complex and specialized work. Because of this, custom strassed red bottoms and other strassed shoes simply cannot be mass produced.

At Do My Shoes STL, we have a staff of experienced designers who are dedicated to producing the highest quality work. We use the exact same Swarovski crystals and application techniques as is used for the designer Christian Louboutins. Our designers use special care and attention to detail when strassing shoes for each customer. The end result of this is a stunning and unique pair of designer shoes that is comparable to or even greater quality than authentic Christian Louboutins for only around $2000 instead of $6800.

We Use Only Authentic Swarovski Crystals for Strassing your Shoes

Custom Shoe Strassing Company in St. LouisWhen strassing shoes, we only use 100% Swarovski crystal elements. These crystals, created by a special process patented by Daniel Swarovski, offer the highest quality and bling. The glass and lead oxide crystals are manmade, machine cut, and colored using special chemicals for the highest quality. Swarovski crystals are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles, and we can use nearly any type of crystals when strassing shoes for our clients. This includes aurora boreale stones and stones with a variety of other special finishes.

By combining world class workmanship and the use of only high quality Swarovski elements, our designers create stunning designs and unique pieces. If you would like to learn more about the types and colors of Swarovski crystals we can use for strassing shoes or if you are interested in talking with us about transforming your shoes with our professional shoe strassing services, please contact us today!

Call Do My Shoes STL to Have Your Shoe Strassing Done Right and Quickly

At Do My Shoes STL, we have two full time professional strassers and one per-diem employee. With this dedicated and expert workforce, we are proud to offer our clients one of the quickest turn around times for strassing shoes. We understand that you will be excited for your shoes to be completed, therefore, we work hard to offer you one of the fastest turn around times, as little as just 2 weeks without sacrificing quality and precision.

Our prices are competitive with those in the shoe strassing industry and are typically up to 75% off retail prices. See the detailed pricing information provided on our website or contact us to receive a customized price quote for strassing your shoes with Swarovski rhinestones. We also have flexible payment plans available to fit nearly any budget. To learn more about how our shoe strassing can transform your Christian Louboutins or other designer shoes, other luxury footwear please contact us today or learn more about How it Works on our website!

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