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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Strass Sparkly Shoes

The following are some of the questions that we most commonly receive about our shoe strassing services and about the sparkly shoes that we create.  If you do not see the answer to your question below or you would like to learn more about working with Do My Shoes STL to custom design and create your sparkly strass shoes, please contact us today!

What is strass crystal?

Sparkly Strass Shoes using Swarovski CrystalsStrass crystal is the finest type of crystal in the world. This manmade crystal is manufactured only by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps using only the finest materials and special manufacturing methods.

Swarovski strass is an optically pure crystal that is completely free of flaws and imperfections and is unique in purity & brilliance.  Strass crystal is characterized by razor-sharp facets which are cut into crystals containing a lead content in excess of 30%. The cutting & polishing processes for strass crystals are done by machine to achieve perfect optical clarity. These strass crystals are then treated with an invisible coating, which eliminates dust attraction and makes the crystal easier to clean and maintain.

The final result of this unique and careful manufacturing process is high quality crystals which can be used to decorate any accessory or item including sparkly shoes.

I see that Do My Shoes STL uses only 100% Swarovski crystals to strass while other companies strass with Preciosa or a mix of Swarovski & Preciosa. Why don’t you use Preciosa?

Sparkly Shoes: Swarovski Strass Crystal Christian LouboutinsIf you come across another company that is advertising they are strassing using Strass crystal, but they are actually using Precosia or a mix of Swarovski and Preciosa, then they aren’t producing the finest quality.

In order for crystal to be classified as strass it has to be manufactured with the ultimate chemical purity, saturated with more than 30% lead oxide, and machine cut and polished using ultimate precision. This process is only completed by Swarovski, which makes Swarovski strass crystal is the finest quality crystal in the world. Swarovski crystals contains 32% lead oxide and have 14 facets, while Preciosa stones contain 23-30% lead oxide and only 12 facets. The higher the lead oxide and the additional facets of Swarovski crystals mean more bling for your sparkly shoes.

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

Strass is expensive and we at Do My Shoes STL do understand that strass isn’t for everybody. But, we are proud to make this service more affordable for our customers as we can help you get the same $6,395 Christian Louboutin  Strass shoes that Beyonce wears for $2,200-$3,500 using the exact same shoe, the exact same stones, the exact same adhesives, and exact same techniques Christian Louboutin uses.

 How do you determine the pricing for shoe strassing services?

Pricing for your shoe strassing services will vary depending on the style of shoe that you have because we determine prices by the total area of shoe to be covered.  We use a special software that will calculate how many square inches your shoe has to be covered, which will help us determine approximately how many Swarovski rhinestones your shoe will require. Pricing will also depend on the type of stone you select as certain effects and coatings are more expensive, i.e. AB, gold rimmed, or gold aurum(24K gold plated).

On our Pricing page, you can see prices for strassing certain Christian Louboutin styles (since we commonly strass more of these types of shoes).  If you are unsure of the style shoe you have you can email a picture of your shoe and the brand name to us at [email protected], and we will assist you in determining the style or the style closest to it. You can also call or email us for a custom pricing quote for your sparkly shoes.

How do I place my order?

If you would like to place an order to have Do My Shoes STL create your custom designed sparkly shoes, please see our How it Works section of this website.  This page will give you step by step instructions as to how you can place a custom strass footwear order.

Do you take payments? I don’t know if I can save enough.

Yes, we do take payments. Do My Shoes STL has made it possible for anyone to afford  that pair of glossy red bottom strass Christian Louboutin daffodil 160mm that most people used to only dream about and only celebrities could wear. With our convenient payment plans, you can pay as slow or as fast as you want.

To learn more about financing your order for custom designed sparkly shoes, please contact us.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do require a 50% deposit before work is initiated on your shoes and all deposits are non-refundable.

If you are unable to pay the entire 50% deposit at once, that’s ok too. We can work with you to make payment arrangements that you can handle, and once you have the 50% obligation fulfilled we will begin designing your sparkly shoes.

My shoes do meet your requirements. But I want a color of stone that doesn’t match my shoes.  Can you help?

If your shoes are the wrong color for the stone you prefer, that is not a problem.  We can change the base color of your shoes before applying crystals. To learn more about this, contact us.

I see that you strass women’s and men’s shoes.  Can you strass babies shoes?

Yes, we strass all types of shoes including infant, toddler, youth, etc., as long as the shoe meets our requirements and is suitable for strassing.  In addition to making sparkly shoes with custom strassing, we can also strass many other types of clothing and accessories. Contact us to learn more.

If I order a new pair of shoes, can I have them shipped directly to Do My Shoes STL?

You are welcome to have new shoes shipped directly to us, but we strongly encourage our customers to make sure that their shoes fit before we begin work. Therefore, we only recommend doing this if you are able to try the shoe on prior to ordering or if you already own another pair of that exact shoe style.

Are the shoes you work on authentic or replicas?

Both, some are authentic and some are replicas. The professional strassers at Do My Shoes STL work for you. Therefore, as long as the shoe is suitable for strassing, we will strass any authentic or replica shoe that you would like strassed.

How long does it take to get my shoes back?

Do My Shoes STL has a turnaround time of only 2 weeks (sometimes sooner).

Why does it take other companies 3-4 months to return my completed shoes, while Do My Shoes STL take only 2 weeks?

We are able to meet our quick 2 week turnaround time because we have a staff of 2 professional strassers and 1 per diem professional strasser. Each of these strassers uses care and precision when working on each project and creating custom sparkly shoes.

The only exception to our 2 week turnaround time is in the event of backorder items.

Do you guarantee your work? I’m afraid I will lose stones.

Yes, we do guarantee our work as much as possible, but with any strassed shoe you will lose some stones over time. Depending on how gentle or rough you are with your sparkly strassed shoes, the stones may hold up better or you may notice stones fall off faster.

Because stones falling off is inevitable, with each completed order, we send a small bag of loose stones for replacements along with a small tube of the appropriate adhesive for your shoe.

What should I do if I do lose stones? Can I just use super glue to put them back on?

NEVER apply super glue to strass stones. It will react with the foil back and/or dull your stones. If stones fall off of your sparkly shoes, please use the tube of adhesive that we include with your order to carefully replace the stones.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept:

  • All major credit cards (must call in to use credit cards)
  • Personal checks
  • Cash (For local customers only who would like to drop off cash their your shoes. Never send cash in the mail)
  • Paypal

Do you offer Discounts?

We offer periodic discounts on and around some holidays. Also, if you have more than 1 pair of shoes that you would like strassed or if you have a friend who would like to have a pair of shoes strassed also. Then we will give a 10% discount off your order. We also give discounts to wedding parties.

Do you only ship with in the United States or can you ship shoes internationally?

We ship to customers both within the United States and internationally.

Do My Shoes STL pays for the return shipping for customers within the United States. For international customers living outside the U.S., we charge a fee of $75.00 for international insured express mail.

Get Answers to Your Questions About Our Sparkly Shoes

If you have additional questions about our service or about having Do My Shoes STL create custom sparkly shoes for you using our shoe strassing services, please contact us directly at [email protected] or submit your question with our online contact form on our Contact page. We look forward to working with you to create the custom designed sparkly shoes that you have always dreamt of.

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